Collection: Reciever

Receiver - Essential Ride-On Car Accessories for Kids

In the world of kids' electric ride-on cars, a vital component that ensures the magic happens is the Receiver. This indispensable category encompasses various components essential for a seamless and enjoyable ride for your little ones.

1. Controller: The heart and brain of your child's electric ride-on car, the controller, is responsible for handling speed, direction, and functionality. It ensures that your child can effortlessly navigate their vehicle, providing a safe and thrilling experience. Choose from our range of controllers to keep your ride-on car running smoothly.

2. Control Box: The control box plays a crucial role in managing the power supply and motor performance. It helps maintain the balance between speed and safety, ensuring your child has an exhilarating yet secure ride. Our control boxes are designed to maximize the efficiency of your ride-on car.

3. Motor Controller: When it comes to ride-on cars, the motor controller is the powerhouse behind every thrilling adventure. It governs the motor's speed, torque, and response, providing a realistic driving experience for your child. Explore our selection of motor controllers to keep your ride-on car performing at its best.

4. Bike Replacement Parts: For those who own electric ride-on bikes, we offer a range of replacement parts designed to keep the adventure rolling. From batteries to motors, wheels, and more, our bike replacement parts ensure that your child's ride-on bike remains in peak condition.