287 Battery Electonic Bike Rideon With Lights And Music

  • 287 Battery Electonic Bike Rideon With Lights And Music
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Battery operated ride on with maximum load capacity is 25kg , head lights , music and with removable balance wheels , Foot Excellerator 


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For your baby's safe driving, you must pay attention to the following matters:

  • The assembly and adjustment of the product must be carride out by the adult, please keep the child away from the active part.
  • Children must use this product under the guidance of the adult, and the use of the process of nursing may not leave)
  • This car is applicable age range: 36-72 monthe.
  • This product is limited by one person, can not be overloaded, the maximum load is 25kg.
  • Do not let the child play, or stand on the pedal or a seat.
  • In order to avoid damage to the children,please keep the plastic bag and other packing materials away from the children! Danger of suffocation!
  • Before use, please check whether the components are installed in place, connect the fastening. Prohibit the use of any accessories provided by non producers.
  • Rechargeable batteries are not rechargeable, take out the battery from the toy. Do not use the charger as a toy.
  • do not mix old and new or different types of batteries. Power supply terminal can not be short circuit.
  • Toys can not be connected to more than the recommended amount of power supply.
  • May not be used in the streets, roads, slopes, ditehes and other dangerous areas; not on the smooth surface, such as marble, floor tiles, etc.. Don't switch forward I backward switch during the operation of electric vehicles. Shall not change the car line and additional charged device. 
  • Let it rain or not, the electric car used in the water, not soaking water or other liquid down in the car or the other way. 
  • Then battery power is insufficient, the vehicle will appear without sound and light function other functions, please immediately charge the car. • And when not in use, please turn off the power switch, not a long time, please unplug the battery connector. 


  • To ensure your baby is protected from accidental injury, please check and maintain the car regularly. 'lease check the packing assembly before assembly is complete,if there is a lack of please contact with my company. check if there is a screw loose,parts damaged. parts are installed or used, please check whether the parts are in g: -A condition.
  • Please clean the product on a regular basis,pay attention nor to damage the original.
  • When dismanting. please carefully accordiog to the operation instructions, so as not to cause unnec-essary damage.
  • Please chenk the product and the charger regularly, check if the wire, plug, shell and other parts are amaged,and the damage should be stopped until the repair is complete.


  • In the first use of electric vehicles, charging should be carried out by nthe adult.
  • It must be guaranteed to charge 18 hours, otherwise the battery willnot be permanently damaged ar 
  • In the first use of electric vehicles, charging should be carried out by the adult.
  • It must be guaranteed to charge 18 hours, otherwise the battery will not be permanently damaged and can not be repaired.
  • When charging, the. charging plug is inserted into the charging jack,and the charger is plugged into the power ^ 'et 0' the DC.
  • When the 'r ,harging, there is no operation.
  • Use one hour each time, it is necessary to charge in time, the normal charging time is 8-12 hours,a,,d each charge time shall not exceed 20 hours. During the charging process, the charger and the battery have the phenomenon of fever (below 60 Cl
  • If the connector water can not charge,otherwise it may cause a short circuit.
  • The car must be equipped with a charger and battery, so as not to damage the charger and battery or electrical wiring. 


  • 6V 4.5AI-I or 6V 7AH Electric machinery 6V 25W Big,: - - --- - :.-:: ,
  • 25KG Outline LI 860X440X520mm spee.' 3-5km/h Charzing 2 :ime 8-12hours Use age 36-72months
  • Charger specifications Input: 220V Output: DC6V500mA or 6V700mA 


20 inch x 31 inch x 15.5 inch

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